If you stop near the station, you will see some of my friends pumping some gasoline into their cars. The Volkswagen cult is over, and the cars have disappeared forever. Since my dad’s death, I have not seen the little models anymore, but I see my friends often. I have no big themes to discuss, and I have not returned to the University to end my degree. I was doing this while my father passed away. Not withstanding all this, this summer is very peaceful and I don’t have any more tales to write. The season is over and I plan to take my skin diving gear to El Escambrón, but as I don’t have a car to do this I wll have to take the bus. My brother’s car left me on the road and I will have to repair my own. I could not assist to a literary activity due to the fact I could not leave my brother without a car.

The best thing I have experience lately is a Science Fiction literary review, Analog, which has published a diagram on the possibility of cleaning up the blood to assist conception, but this would be too complicated to make it practical. The diagram appears in the review as a model to make better motors, but the fuel is plasma, so this inconsistency maybe serves a figurative purpose.

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